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Robots in Grocery stores [Feb. 29th, 2008|12:44 am]
Dragon Minds
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It was a beautiful morning as I walked into the grocery store. I sighed as the automatic doors opened for me. I had an hour to open the store. It was just me, and it was the first day ever of running the robot associates. They were the new thing invented. It looked liked the future had come. It was about time! Still there is no flying cars whatsoever. I am still disappointed about that. Though I did hear rumors about them being made. They are going to cost an arm and a leg, but I don't care. I want my flying car! I punched in the time clock. 6am. The store open at 7am. I walked behind the customer service desk, and hit the red button that turned on the robots. My manager had programed the robots what to say and what to ask on what was on sale, and if we were giving donations. I know this would be a pain for some customers, but if they didn't like it, Uscan was still available. But for how long? I wondered.

The robots came to life. Their metal bodies making churning noises, and their bodies rising. The cash registers sprang to life. Even though we had robots, we still had baggers that were humans. Sure robots were the new thing of the future, well the present I should say. They were the latest thing out now. Most stores would be surrounded by robots, and then work places wouldn't need humans. Then how were we to make our money? By people learning how to run the robots. Oh sure we would still have tech support jobs and clerical and junk, but just having robots thrilled me.

The robots were standing tall, straight and proud. They were naked, and only had on a name badge. I had felt they deserved names. So I gave them each name badges. No numbers. My manager thought I was crazy. Well who cares what he thinks. I like these robots.

7AM. The first bunch of customers seemed to like the robots. They got used to them pretty quickly. One customer commented on how speedy and safe they were. They put the perishables in a separate place.

My phone chimed. Someone was having trouble at a register. Or a robot I should say. I hurried over and one of the baggers said that the robot had shorted out. I knew what to do. I fixed him right up, and he began working.

"There you go. Paul is good as new." I said with a smile. The bagger smiled and continued to work.

I sighed. Today was going to be a successful day. Just how long until someone complained about the robots? How long would it take to dislike something so horrid? My body quivered. I had hoped the robots would at least last a year.